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Solar Energy Pumping Systems

A solar water pump is an electric pump system in which the electricity is provided by one, or several, photovoltaic (PV) panels. Solar pumps operate on Direct Current (DC) which is considered more efficient than Alternating Current (AC), thus more cost-effective, and DC pumps are also quieter and have a longer life span. In the case where the motor requires an alternating current (AC), the DC produced by solar panels is converted to AC using an inverter.

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They have a wide range of applications, such as recycling water in a swimming pool, extracting water from wells, ponds or any other sources of water, and filling large water tanks for agricultural use e.g. irrigating crops, watering livestock or providing potable water.

The pump moves water in a similar way to a normal electric pump, except for using solar energy instead of non-renewable energy for its operation. During daylight hours, it produces Direct Current (DC) which feeds the motor to pump out the water. There are 4 main categories of solar water pump; submersible pumps, surface pumps, DC pumps, and AC pumps.


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​Solar pumps have low maintenance costs and zero operating costs since they require no lubricants, fuel or electricity to operate. Solar pumps are not affected by power cuts, low voltage or motor burning issues, and can be installed in remote areas. They are speed adjustable to the size of the tank. Consequently, the use of solar pumps is highly advantageous compared to older pump styles using fossil fuels.
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Solar pumping systems are suitable both on and off-grid; domestic, commercial, and industrial.

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