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Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions

Also referred to as stand-alone, this type of system means that all energy is produced and stored on-site. Off-grid specifically means that the power generating system is not linked with an electricity grid, thus works as a self-contained facility.

Typically, this system is used for homes in rural areas, such as in the mountains, as well as agricultural properties where there is no feasible access to the electricity grid. It also suits lighting systems; for example along the roadside, or for advertising boards or signage, as well as independent and often movable vehicles or living spaces such as cabins, boats, yachts, trailers etc, though this system will also work when these spaces are static.

​Call us and we can connect you with an expert who will advise if a stand-alone system is suitable for you. For this reason, high-level analysis of projected consumption is vital to ensure optimal running of the solar energy system resulting in little to no waste, meaning the extra costs of energy storage can be avoided. Calculations must be accurate and in line with the consumer’s demand, to ensure financial viability and worthwhile investment for the business or property owner.
If there is no backup system from other sources, it is a potential risk that the user would remain without power if the calculations for this solar system are not made accordingly. Similar to the ​self-production system, the users’ requirements are first carefully analysed, and then the system must be designed to conform.

An experienced technician must take into account many variables in order to make an accurate design, as the users’ needs are often unique and dependent on many factors such as; the geography of the location, hours of light, orientation and inclination, shading of the panels, average irradiation, as well as the output variables such as the time and intensity of energy consumption rates of the user etc.

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