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How does net ​metering work in Cyprus?

Saving costs is at the forefront of many people’s minds nowadays, as well as moving towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Using solar power to save energy costs at home is easy with net metering.

The installation of the solar panels is made either on the roof, or in the land surrounding your property. Once installed, the panels can begin generating power immediately, or as soon as there is sun; a resource that is thankfully plentiful in Cyprus.
Since most people tend not to be at home or using much power during the sunlight hours, which is when your PV system produces the electricity, the unused or surplus energy needs to be stored somewhere. Battery storage for solar-generated power can be relatively expensive, so net metering provides the solution for those who do not need to store the power on-site: it is sent back to the grid, or delivered to local distribution facilities in return for bill credits.

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So, when you use electricity, even when it is not actively being produced by your PV system (for example at night), it is offset by the amount that you have generated throughout the day. Any electricity you use which exceeds the amount generated by your PV system is billed as per the usual billing period.

However, if you have produced more electricity than you have used, this can be carried forward to the next billing period. This means that you can potentially take advantage of the extra electricity produced during sunnier months during cloudier winter months.

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Net metering allows you to upgrade your living standards at the same time as reducing your ​running costs;
it’s a win-win.

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